Hear what happy residents and their families have to say about their experience at Manitowoc Health.

“When I was admitted, I wasn’t capable of thinking of anything but the pain I was in. That is when the nurses and CNAs took over. They were AMAZING! The staff not only met my every need, they encouraged, loved and comforted me. From the nursing staff to Administration and everyone in between they comforted and cared for me. All staff went from being my caregivers to being my friends and family. I went from bedridden, to using a hoyer lift, to using a wheelchair and then a walker. Now at home, I am using a cane and walking on my own”


Eternally Grateful – Mary F.

“Erica certainly knows how to do her job. She really helped me with my memory loss. She made me realize a lot of my troubles were the little things and that I have to take my time. She started from the very beginning, even 2nd grade homework!! She let me gradually get to where I needed to because she kinda knew what I was trying to think even when I was stuttering.”

“Erica, you did everything you needed to do to help me get where I want to be.”


She’s Good People! Thank you, – Jerry

“KATIE is one of the better therapists I’ve worked with. She is very good and has helped me a lot. She pushed me to get better, in an encouraging way. I think she is organized and knowledgeable, especially with my particular injury.”

Thank you for all her hard work with me!


“JOANN is Very good to me, and very nice. Makes me work very hard and lets me take my time. Every time I’ve been here, You have been the one to work with me and get the best out of me.”


-thank you Ramona

“SHARON We always have something to talk about. She won’t let up on me and wants me to do my best. She is very dedicated to her job! I admire her and her hard work. She has pushed me to do well.
Thank you for all you’ve done for me!”



“He’s got a good sense of humor which makes it easier to work.
He “tortures” us to do our best and expects nothing less~
Thank you for the progress and helping me!”


“EMMA is good and precise. She picks my brain like nobody else! She is new and just learning but is doing a great job!”

“Thank you for helping me get my memory back, helping me speak more clearly and showing me the proper way to eat!”


“My accommodations were wonderful. The facility is very contemporary and they even picked me up from the hospital.”

Myrna H.

“Not only were the therapists wonderful, the nursing staff was magnificent! Their devotion to the patients as well as their sense of humor make the stay enjoyable – even through my hip pain”

There is lots of laughter Sharon M.